Running Free: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Sagittarius

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Thalos has one goal in life – to enjoy his luxurious existence hassle free.
As a Centaur shifter, he is used to being on the outside, rejected by the other equine shifters, and it suits him fine. But then the powerful Seer arrives and asks him to babysit a bereaved female horse shifter. The altogether too gorgeous and innocent Ariadne, soon casts a spell on Thalos. As he struggles to maintain his cool around the young female, things between them heat up.
Ariadne is traumatised, bereaved, and totally lost in the new, opulent world she’s thrust into. Her strict background hasn’t prepared her for the likes of the charismatic but jaded Thalos.
They are the last two people who should be together, but that doesn’t stop them from craving one another.
Events overtake them and suddenly Thalos faces losing the only person he’s cared about in centuries.
Can he win Ariadne’s heart before it’s too late?

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